How the Lord manifests in the form of His Name through the agency of Sri Guru.

By Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj

Krishna’s Name and Krishna are the same. We cannot see that now, but when pure Hari-nam manifests Himself in our heart, we will see everything. When Hari-nam manifests in our heart, from there He will come to our tongue and dance in the form of the mahamantra. Now we are trying to chant without offence, but when siddhi [perfection] comes, the Name Himself will dance in our heart, in our tongue, in our body, everywhere.

In Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur’s last song in Saranagati he wrote,

krsna-nama dhare kata bala
saya-vasananale, mora chitta sada jvale,
ravi-tapta maru-bhumi-sama
na-randhra patha diya, hrdi majhe pravesiya,
saya sudha anupama

[“How much power does Krishna’s Name possess? My heart constantly burns in the fire of mundane desire like a desert scorched by the blazing sun. The Name enters the core of my heart through the gateway of my ears (upon being transmitted to me by Sri Guru) and showers incomparable nectar.”]

hrdaya ha-ite bale, jihvara agrete chale,
sabda-rupe nache anuk

[“Forcefully, the Name moves from my heart to the tip of my tongue and continuously dances there in the form of sound.”]

This is called Sabda-brahma. We have heard this glorification of Sabda-brahma in the Vedas, Vedanta, and the Upanisads—everywhere. Brhatvat brmhanatvat: the real position of Brahma is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and in the form of Hari-nam, through Gurudev, He comes down in this mundane world to distribute His mercy to the fallen souls.

You cannot collect honey directly from the flower. Bees collect honey, and we take that honey from the bee’s honeycomb. Bees collect honey, they are expert at that, and we get honey by their mercy. In this way, devotees of Krishna and Gurudev, the best devotee of Krishna, collects honey for us, and we receive it from them.


Spoken on 25 November 1989.