Golden Heart

Our Mission

To revive the eternal spirit of selfless love within every living being.

Love is the common necessity of all, and prema, selfless love for the Supreme Being, is the original, purest, and most fulfilling of all forms of love.

Prema is the innate wealth and highest potential of every living being, and without awareness of this, souls spend their lives immersed in selfish love and fleeting pursuits. Such scarcity of prema is the fundamental cause of all suffering in the world, and the prema-dharma, the path to revive prema within the heart, is thus the only lasting and complete solution to every living being’s eternal search for fulfilment.

Our mission is to provide this most urgent and necessary relief work of inspiring all souls—both ourselves and others—on the path to divine love.

Heart Temple

Our Vision

Every heart a temple.

We see souls awakening to grace, arising from delusion, and searching for true fulfilment.

We see souls dedicating their lives to the highest spiritual ideals, persevering on the path, and shining with virtue.

We see souls realising their true nature and transcending the bondage of samsara.

We see souls wholeheartedly engaging in the service of the Supreme and discovering ever-new truth, beauty, love, and joy eternally.


Our Values

Humility, Tolerance, and Giving Honour

Our values are both the virtues we strive to develop and the natural expressions of adherence to our principles and practices.


  • Pridelessness: non-expectation of recognition for our merits
  • Unselfishness: non-engagement in self-centred enjoyment, action, or renunciation
  • Realisation of our true nature as loving servants
  • Repentance for misdeeds and shortcomings
  • Adherence to truth and non-compliance with untruth
  • Feeling dependent upon and abundantly blessed by the grace of the Supreme


  • Being poised within all the dualities of life: pleasure and pain, gain and loss, success and failure, etc.
    • Not allowing ourselves to be disturbed by or succumb to negativity because of others or their interests
  • Bearing no ill-will towards anyone
  • Being compassionate and nurturing towards everyone
  • Embracing everything that happens as:
    • the consequence of our own previous actions
    • invariably necessary, purifying, and instructive for ourselves
    • the mercy of the Supreme Being
    • an opportunity to serve and grow

Giving honour:

  • Recognising the presence of Divinity within all living beings.
  • Offering respect to others as is appropriate without expecting it to be offered in return.
  • Appreciating the intentions, qualities, and contributions of others.
  • Expressing goodwill and affection for others.
  • Passing on what honour is shown to us to Sri Guru, the devotees, and the Supreme.

More Information

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