Appreciating the qualities of our godbrothers.

By Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj

Gradually, a society becomes weak, but a good teacher can make it perfect. In our society, in Mayapur—everywhere it is like that. Everywhere there is some ego, and ego makes a massacre of our spiritual conception. We must not be involved in that. We must stick to our main target.

One of my godbrothers, Ajita Krsna Prabhu, formerly Adhirachandra Majumadar, was the head of the whole mission here at Chaitanya Saraswat Math. After Guru Maharaj, his position was most exalted. He would do all the service here—every service. We could not believe how much one man could do. And his nature was very sweet. He would overlook anything anyone did wrong. He understood what was right and wrong, but he would overlook it whenever anyone did anything wrong. He knew and saw everyone’s faults, and but he would simply do his own seva: the Deity’s service, Guru Maharaj’s service, cooking service, storekeeper service, prasad distribution service—everything. He would do all the various services. I was surprised to see the standard of his devotional life. I am a very faulty person, and when I would do something wrong, I would watch and see how he reacted to it. I saw that he would simply overlook it. I then understood that he was fully satisfied with his service and did not care to see anything ugly or bad anywhere.

Another very good servitor of Srila Guru Maharaj was Krishna Govinda Prabhu. He married unfortunately, but Ajita Krishna Prabhu did not. Krishna Govinda Prabhu did not want to marry, but his relatives forced him to. He was a very attentive servitor of Srila Guru Maharaj. I was fortunate to see servitors like them, and they were very affectionate to me. They would always help me in my service to Srila Guru Maharaj.


Spoken on 10 April 2007.


Commemorating the passing of Sripad Ajita Krishna Prabhu