The necessity of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s message.

By Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur

Translated from a Bengali quotation
published in Sri Gaudiya Darsan,
Volume 1, Issue 12,
Wednesday, 11 July 1956.

Sri Chaitanyadev is open-handed in bringing about good fortune for the whole world and is the one and only arbitrator of all quarrels and conflicts. His message has given heart to the current of true peace and sent it flowing throughout the world. His message will spread divine love throughout human society. The message of Sri Chaitanya, the embodiment of the highest love, has driven away our peacelessness and spread talk of love throughout the world. This message of Sri Chaitanya is very rare to find in this world! The eternally pure, completely liberated message of Sri Chaitanya is never bound within a sampradaya created by any form of mental speculation. May we be able to remain situated in the free and kind spirit of Sri Chaitanya’s message. By going to adore many persons of this world and concerning ourselves with universality and popularity, may we not show any indifference towards the service of the one, nondual, self-revealed Lord, Sri Krsna, the beloved of the gopis.

Like children, we often times become allured by shiny external objects: we try more so to deprive ourselves of eternal happiness than we do to pursue it. In fact, no good comes to the world through this propensity. My humble prayer to you all is that you will sincerely engage in discussion of the Lord. Such discussion is beneficial in all respects and is not harmful to anyone; all our misfortune has occurred only by becoming forgetful of it. If we can return to such discussion, then we will attain good fortune. We should not waste time on worldly disagreements. No permanent good fortune is attained by disagreeing over transient matters. “Everyone is sheltered by the Lord.” Thinking in this way, we will become free from the distinctions of ‘big’ and ‘small’. The good fortune attained by completely following this peace-giving path is nothing other than the Lord’s service.