The surrendered soul’s humble expectation of receiving the Lord’s mercy.

By Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj

It is not only the composition of this verse that is valuable, but the meanings of the verse will touch the heart and make a new form of our heart—it is that kind of verse.

parama-sochyatamo na cha mat-parah
parama-karuniko na bhavat-parah

iti vichintya hare mayi pamare
yad uchitam yadunatha tadachara

“What can I say? My own existence is full of sin. Sinful and offensive. That is my situation. My whole life I have done sinful work, and my whole life I have maintained an offensive mentality. No one is this way so much as I am.”

parama-sochyatamo na cha mat-parah
parama-karuniko na bhavat-parah

“But Your quality is the best quality; everywhere You have shown Your quality of being merciful. Prahlad, Dhruva, and even Putana, even asuras, so many asuras, they all with a little bit of Your connection have gone to the highest position.”

aho baki yam stana-kala-kutam
jighamsayapayayad apy asadhvi
lebhe gatim dhatry-uchitam tato ‘nyam
kam va dayalum saranam vrajema

Putana Raksasi, the lady demon Putana came to kill Krishna; she mixed poison on her breast and fed it to Krishna. Krishna killed her and took her life with her breast milk, and the raksasi assumed her original form and fell down. Everyone saw Krishna on her breast drinking her breast milk, but Putana left her body. But because Krishna touched the breast of Putana with His divine lips, Putana got the position of a mother like the  position Mother Yashoda has in Goloka Vrndavan. Krishna gave that position to Putana. This is the merciful nature of the Lord. Krishna has only a slight connection with Putana: she came to kill Him, not to give nourishment but to kill Him. Still, Krishna gave mercy to her, and she got the position of a mother.

“This is the merciful nature of You my Lord. I am so fallen, and I have not done anything good in my life. Always I have done wrong. That is my nature, and that is my wealth. But You are not like that; You are the opposite of that. So, You must give me Your mercy. That is Your nature. That I will never worship Your lotus feet is my nature. But between You and me at present standing, You should do Your job, and I will do mine. I have already done my job and I am in Your front, so You should do Your job now. Please do the needful.”

That is the meaning of the verse. Something of it I have explained. My English is not so clear, but you understand. I am trying to give an explanation.

parama-sochyatamo na cha mat-parah
parama-karuniko na bhavat-parah

“So, please do the needful.”