The sinful pessimism at the root of renunciation.

By Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj



The renunciationist is a culprit because they have some position within the whole. They can’t ignore that. Every atom has a good position, a good relationship, within the whole system. This is quite natural and good, and the renunciationist knows that. So, they are sinners. They hate the environment. They fail to find that the environment is for good, that it is holy.

They hate everything. They consider there is nothing, nothing at all, nothing good here with which they will associate. Everything is bad, and they are good, so they are going to become one. That is the greatest offence, the most pessimistic attitude, and the consequence of pessimism is to go down. Pessimism is punished by the liberal whole. The pessimist has  no place in this world. The pessimist is the greatest sinner. To them we say, “You can’t see that anything is really good other than yourself? You are the best? You know how fallen your thinking is, and still you think you are the best? You think that if you come into the company of others, you will lose out? Such a bad person you are. Really, you are bad, and the whole is good. Be converted into that. The Vaisnavas are of that type: ‘I am bad, but everything else is good. I am blind, and I cannot see the light.’”

The renunciationist says that the environment is full of envy and is too punishing. No! The renunciationists punish themselves. There is no place in this world for such a culprit who is a hater of everything. They are their own God, and there is no God outside of them, no holy thing outside them. This is the most pessimistic attitude, and the punishment for such pessimism is to go down. They are committing the greatest offence: to think everything is bad and only they are good. They want to be alone, divorcing everything. That aspiration must be seen to be the worst type of sin. Such a person is the worst hater of everything, and they are to be punished.

If someone goes to commit suicide, they are punished by the government. Why? What is the basis for that? Ostentatiously, such a person does not do any harm to the world. If they commit suicide, that is within their own jurisdiction. Why is that tendency not encouraged? Why is it punished? To renounce everything to the extreme is to commit suicide. It comes under that law and becomes punishable. Life is not for nothing. It has got its good end. We are part and parcel of a whole, the one and holy world, and we must do our duty, our quota, within that. We have no right to run away from the environment. We must make our contribution, our quota, to the whole. Otherwise, we are traitors, and we are suicidal. We have our utility in relation to the whole, and if we deny that, then what type of people are we? We have no right to do that. We have no right to take ourselves out of the system. We are all necessary parts of the whole system, and we must do our duty within that. By that, we will be benefited, and the whole will be benefited. To give that up and go off to commit suicide is an act that must be punished. This is not anger. Nature does not allow it. If such action is encouraged, then many will be doomed. Who are we? We are not independent. We are part of the organic whole just as our finger is not independent within our body. Everything is interdependent. We are part and parcel of an organic whole. We can’t do anything independently. If we do, the disturbance will affect the whole system. We have no right to do that. A part has no right to revolt against the organic whole.

se du’yera madhye visayi tabu bhala
mayavadi-sanga nahi magi kona kala
(Saranagati: 27:3)

[“Between the two of them (the materialist and the renunciationist), the materialist is better. I never wish for the association of a renunciationist.”]

Renunciationists are the greatest enemy of humanity, of the whole animation. They are pessimists, and they are rebels. They do not believe in the systematic whole. By promoting suicide, they want to inject a dreadful bacteria into everyone throughout the whole of the world. That can’t be allowed.


Spoken on 10 January 1983.