How to have a heart for Krishna.

By Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj


People spend so much time trying to become beautiful, but do they ever spend time learning how to see beauty?

Once, Mother Laksmi told to her carrier owl, “Give this garland to whoever you find that looks the most beautiful.”

The owl searched everywhere for the best looking boy or girl. She searched throughout her whole locality, but she could not find anyone who was completely beautiful. She eventually felt thirsty, and when she went back to her house, she found the most beautiful boy and girl: her own children. She gave her son the garland and then returned to Mother Laksmi.

Laksmi asked, “Did you find someone?”

The owl replied, “No Mother, I did not find anyone who looks completely beautiful, but when I felt thirsty, I went to my house, and there I saw that my own boy is the most beautiful.”

The nature of the jiva-souls is made by affection, love. Krishna is supreme because of that. If we compare all God conceptions with our reason, then we cannot cross over the Krishna conception because love, affection, and beauty are there to the fullest extent. Actually, beauty is controlling everything, though that beauty is another type of substance.

What is the colour of madhura-rasa? Syama-varna [indigo]. I read this before, but without referring to reading I am telling that. It is general knowledge, though when I read it, I was surprised. It is also in Garga-samhita, and Mahaprabhu said it. Through that, we are to conceive:

syamam eva param rupam puri madhu-puri vara
vayah kaisorakam dhyeyam adya eva paro rasah
(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrta: Madhya-lila, 19.106)

[“Syama is the supreme form, Mathura is the supreme abode, adolescence is the age to be meditated upon, and the original rasa [madhura-rasa] is supreme rasa.”]

In this way comes everything. Kaviraj Goswami said,

krsnera yateka khela sarvottama nara-lila
nara-vapu tahara svarupa
gopa-vesa, venu-kara nava-kisora, natavara
nara-lilara haya anurupa
(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrta: Madhya-lila, 21.101)

[“Of all Krishna’s Pastimes, His human-like Pastimes are the best. His human form is His true form. His cowherd dress, flute-playing, adolescence, and superb dancing perfectly express human pastimes.”]

Vedavyas was born in the forest, and he likes very much forest men, that is, simplicity. Simple beauty, simple love, and simple affection—everything is there [in Krishna-lila] in a very simple way.

Chandi Das said, “If you can believe that we can make a garland with the stone peaks of entire mountains, and if you can believe that we can bind an elephant with a spider’s web, then you can believe in Krishna-lila.” What does he mean to say? That all is impossible.

ye jana chatura sumeru-sikhara
sutaya gathite pare
makasara jale matanga bandhile
e rasa milaye tare
(Chandi Das)

[“This rasa comes to the ingenious person who can string the peak of Mount Sumeru on a thread and bind an elephant with a spider’s web.”]

Hare Krishna.


Spoken in 2000 in Montebarro, Italy.