The type of exclusive adherence Sri Vrajendra Nandan Krishna expects from His devotees.

By Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj



“I distribute truth by instalment, according to the capability of those to whom I give. One will have such fine understanding as to understand, as to know, as to feel, that this is My order, but to a particular group. But more intelligent and higher minded persons may cross those rulings and advance further.

“There are so many scriptures to be ignored, so many sadhus of that level to be ignored, and even the society and well wishers, well wishers of different interests—everything should be ignored if you want Me as Krishna, Svayam Bhagavan Krishna, especially in Vrndavan, Vraja. I can’t tolerate any partner of any shade in My dealings with everyone. No partnership. I am the absolute enjoyer. I cannot tolerate any partnership, even with whom you should have some obligation, such as the guru section, pita, mata, the relatives, the parents, so-called superiors. None I can tolerate. If you have any partnership then I am not there. I am not there. I want cent per cent. If you want Me, then I want to have cent per cent in quality. You may have to attend those duties but outwardly, as a show. You may make a show in attending to those duties, but I want the innermost heart. There I am. I am there. Otherwise you will have to come to My outer expression; I will engage you with one of so many other forms of mine. But Vrajendra Nandan, if you want Vrajendra Kisor, you may have no other partner. Hare Krishna.

sva-janam arya-patham cha hitva
bhejur mukunda-padavim srutibhir vimrgyam
(Srimad Bhagavatam, 10.47.61)

“The Vedas, the rulings, law books, religious law books also cannot express, but they’re aiming at such a thing. Srutibhir vimrgyam, all the revealed truth, revealed expressions are aiming towards this but can’t express it fully. That is, My nature is such. I am most selfish in that respect, so selfish that even the scriptures cannot measure it. They fail to measure and express, that I am so selfish.”

But you will try to understand that He is your absolute good.


Spoken on 16 January 1982.