Connecting with the highest cause.

By Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj


When the reins are taken off, the meaning of everything runs to connect it with the highest cause. So, we find meanings of different stages in the Hare Krishna mahamantra, and everywhere, in every mantram of the Vedas—from the superficial meaning to the eternal and innermost. The meaning of everything will connect with Krishna, the Absolute Good, the Autocrat, the hladini substance. In this way, the meaning will vary according to different stages. A child may have some conception of the sun or moon, a growing person will have a greater conception, and scientific persons will have a closer conception. In this way, everything goes to the infinite position in connection with Him. His everything is infinite.

The soul’s prospect is also infinite, though when it goes to the plane of jnana-sunya-bhakti, it will take some shape of finite characteristic. When we are in the stage of calculation, everything becomes infinite, and then when it comes again in the position of tastefulness, it has to locate: the journey is finished, there some hut is built, and they begin to stay and enjoy their life fixed in a particular duty. So, Mahaprabhu has asked, “Come to this stage, leave your horse or your conveyance, and construct a hut here. Live here and go no further.” Jnan proper is like a horse on which we can ride and go ahead to make progress. Generally, it comes and stops in the Viraja, Brahmaloka. Buddhists stop their chariot in Viraja, and Sankar stops its chariot, the horses, in Brahmaloka. Then, comes Ramanuja, “With the help of the devotees, take this service as a visa.” To obtain a visa, you must prove some interest there in that land [Vaikuntha], and if they are satisfied, then they will issue a visa. If you want to enter that land, you must have some interest there—not your interest but the interest to be located there—and then the visa will be allowed, then you will be taken in. They will see that you are going to serve, to contribute something to that land, not to rob that land, and then you will be allowed to enter.


Spoken on 9 January 1982.

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