Let’s start with your heart:
the deepest, wisest,
most sensitive place within you …

Your centre of clarity, patience, acceptance, surrender, and compassion.

Your heart is your capacity to experience all-embracing truth, beauty, and love.

Your heart is where your highest potential is stored and from where your true self is expressed.

Take a moment and invite


the ultimate “Yes!” to sink in—
to the core of your heart.

Now: Awake, Arise, and Search …

Awaken by realising your true self.

Arise by casting off the false ego.

You are an eternal, spiritual, joyful being.

As a driver is not a car, so you are not the body.

As a viewer is not an eye, so you are not any of the senses.

As a user is not a computer, so you are not the mind.

As light is not an image, so you are not the intellect.

You are the soul, the conscious being within!

The observable world around you is but an iceberg floating in the ocean of your consciousness.

Are you ready to dive deep into reality?

Awaken: you are a timeless being on a never-ending journey.

You are at present in a human body in the midst of a world made of material space and time.

As you discard old clothes and put on new ones, so you have discarded bodies like your present one and put on new ones countless times.

Your present human body has been born, and your present human body will die, but you have never been born, and you will never die.

As space can never be cut by a sword, so you—the soul within the body—can never be hurt by any movement of matter.

Fear nothing of this world!

Never was there a time that you did not exist, and never will there be a time that you cease to be.

Your present body and your observable environment are a product of your present state of consciousness.

Arise: break through these false confines and evolve!

Spiritual progress means elimination and new acceptance.

Spiritual progress means going from darkness to light, ignorance to truth, and misery to joy.

So, stop identifying with your gross and subtle bodies and seek the fulfilment of your heart.

Let go of the world of misunderstanding that identification with the body and mind produces.

It’s a masquerade!

Don’t think you are the mask you wear—the body—or think the birth, growth, and achievements of your mask are your own.

This is the false ego.

Under its influence, you think yourself a product of matter and you misconstrue the environment as being meant for your enjoyment.

This is maya, illusion.

This is a travesty of your soul!

Like a sun-ray cast upon the earth, you are a spiritual being originating from the spiritual world.

You find yourself in the midst of the material world, but you are not a product of this world.

Your true nature is spirit, and your origin, sustenance, and fulfilment are all found in the spiritual plane.

You are a child of immortal nectar.

You were born in nectar, born to taste nectar, and should not allow yourself to be satisfied with anything but nectar.

By constitution, you are meant for that, and you deserve that.

In reality, you can’t really be satisfied with anything but that; this is already given in your nature.

So, search for that fulfilment of your heart!

As your stomach hungers for food and your lungs gasp for air, so your heart is longing for such fulfilment.

Seek that upon attaining which nothing remains to be attained.

Seek that upon attaining which you will experience ever-new and ever-fresh fulfilment eternally irrespective of all worldly circumstances.

Seek that upon attaining which every hardship undergone to attain it feels like a blessing.

Seek that upon attaining which your reason for being is realised.

Seek that upon attaining which you connect with the original source of all truth, beauty, and love throughout the whole of the infinite.

Seek prema: divine love for the Supreme Being Sri Krishna, Reality the Beautiful.


By dedicating yourself to the prema-dharma: the path to divine love.